How You Can Get W-2 from a Previous Employer

07 Jan

 Every individual has a personal obligation to file tax returns as required by the IRS within the appropriate time.   Getting a W-2 form is a crucial aspect in the process of filing tax returns with the IRS since it provides needed information concerning the income that an employee has made from employment within a year of work.   W-2 forms are filled out by employers who also submit the same to the IRS as well as to the employee by 31 January every year.   Employees use a W-2 form in filing their tax returns for the year.  Even after one has quit their previous job, the employee still needs to get a W-2 form from the former employer.  It is thus necessary that one is familiar with how they can get a W-2 form from a previous employer so that they can comply with the legal requirements to submit the income tax returns by 15th  April.   Find some helpful information regarding what to do to get a W-2 from the previous employer.

 A person can wait for the previous employer to send the W-2 by 31 January as would be the case on a regular basis.  It is also possible for a person to ask their ex-employer to provide their W-2 form before this time, and in this case, the employer must provide it within 30 days of making the request. 

 If the W-2 form doesn't get to you by Valentine's Day, it is necessary that you take some steps to get the W-2 from an old job.   You need to take action because regardless of when you get the W-2, you have to submit your tax returns within the set timeframe.  One of the measures to take is to ask your former HR representative to provide you with the W-2.  If the company did not have an HR representative, you could contact the boss directly to ask them for the W-2.   It is necessary for you to ensure that you provide them with the correct address. Check How To Get W2 From old job to learn more.

You can get your W-2 by contacting the payroll administrator.   It may be needed for you to confirm the details of employment with the payroll administrator while also verifying your current address.   In a situation where the payroll administrator has already mailed the W-2 form, you can ask for confirmation of the date, and you may also request for a replacement form. Check How To Get W2 From old job for more info.

 One can also contact the IRS directly if the other techniques fail.   You will need to have crucial information employer such as the employer identification number and information about your salary and wages.   The IRS will contact the employer to get the missing form and can grant you a different form to fill out. Visit for other references.

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